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  1. Photo of Cosimo Alemà

    Cosimo Alemà Director

  2. Photo of Riccardo Brun

    Riccardo Brun Screenplay

  3. Photo of Diego Germini

    Diego Germini Cast

  4. Photo of Francesco Siciliano

    Francesco Siciliano Cast

  5. Photo of Salvatore Esposito

    Salvatore Esposito Cast

  6. Photo of Massimiliano Gallo

    Massimiliano Gallo Cast

  7. Photo of Fedez

    Fedez Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Vetere

    Irene Vetere Cast

  9. Photo of Clementino

    Clementino Cast

  10. Photo of Ensi

    Ensi Cast

  11. Photo of Rancore

    Rancore Cast

  12. Photo of Salmo

    Salmo Cast

  13. Photo of Edy Angelillo

    Edy Angelillo Cast

  14. Photo of Eradis Josende Oberto

    Eradis Josende Oberto Cast

  15. Photo of Baby K

    Baby K Cast

  16. Photo of J. Ax

    J. Ax Cast