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  1. Photo of Vsevolod Pudovkin

    Vsevolod Pudovkin Director

  2. Photo of Dmitri Vasilyev

    Dmitri Vasilyev Director

  3. Photo of Anatoli Granberg

    Anatoli Granberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yuri Yurovsky

    Yuri Yurovsky Cast

  5. Photo of Ilya Sudakov

    Ilya Sudakov Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimir Belokurov

    Vladimir Belokurov Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Druzhnikov

    Vladimir Druzhnikov Cast

  8. Photo of Sofiya Giatsintova

    Sofiya Giatsintova Cast

  9. Photo of Galina Frolova

    Galina Frolova Cast

  10. Photo of Anatoli Golovnya

    Anatoli Golovnya Cinematography

  11. Photo of Tamara Lobova

    Tamara Lobova Cinematography

  12. Photo of Vissarion Shebalin

    Vissarion Shebalin Music

  13. Photo of Arnold Vaisfeld

    Arnold Vaisfeld Production Design

  14. Photo of Vasili Kovrigin

    Vasili Kovrigin Production Design

  15. Photo of Viktor Zorin

    Viktor Zorin Sound