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Ratings & Reviews

  1. kartina obskura's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    3,5 a film without physical laws or truths. a film that sees nothing in front, a blind film. and it knows everything. it boils from the depth unknown and anything can come out. uncomfortable beauty.

  2. Verimage's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    Film language / grammar at its highest ...

  3. Mellow Dude's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

  4. Sunrise's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    While trademark expressionism is subdued (by his age, budgetary constraints and fully aged protagonists) Suzuki feels as though he is finally able to take his time to delve into more complicated allegory and analysis behind the voids and disconnects we create through unrequited desires. What starts as sensual tale of triangular love, ends in ghostly and reflective memory-scape, confirming adult coming-of-age themes.

  5. Tamas88's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    The best Japanese film I have seen so far. Amazing photography and screenplay. The character of Nagasako is unforgettable.

  6. Jordan H's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    A mysterious, ethereal drama concerning the relationships between and forces within four people; intermittently distorted, like watching someone walk behind a pane of imperfect glass, the form itself intact and then suddenly twisted and obscured, then back again. We're not sure what actually happened, what is dreamed, and what is misremembered.

  7. A47's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    "I've been crazy all my life." This is a film largely about labeto. Excellent use of food. Much better acting than some of his other films; The absurdity is more contained and less built into the style of the telling. Parts were utterly hilarious. The score --Wait, was that an eye-lick?! What a charming necrophiliac. Eating on screen is the best! ...I could see how some people might find this offensive...

  8. batarde's rating of the film Zigeunerweisen

    I just love how they're eating all the time.