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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Zombies

    Whilst the transgressive, hybrid and colorful fashion tableaux towards the end of this short film display imagery of cinematic potential, 'Zombies' is ultimately a video-clip project and one that self-consciously succumbs to the social media craze that feeds a self's thirst for recognition. Ethnographically it has some interest but the concomitant social commentary is essentially compressed in the shallow rap lyrics.

  2. Cinemachiavelli's rating of the film Zombies

    Yes it's an art music video. But thrill in Baloji's creative audacity. Sometimes good art is just spectacle and the visual and sonic rhythms in Zombies are intoxicating.

  3. 14170428's rating of the film Zombies

    excelente experiencia audiovisual

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Zombies

    (3.5 stars) A pretty visually arresting music video. Some great images, dance numbers and cool montages as well. The message is quite clear and although it is somewhat overly heavy-handed at times, it is handled gracefully and is beautiful to look at. And... I do need to get me a gold fur coat. That was dope.

  5. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Zombies

  6. Chris_Cepeda's rating of the film Zombies

    Just amazing, this blew my mind! The credits tho! Perfect work !

  7. Djoana Gueorguieva's rating of the film Zombies

    Amazing to watch and with a current sum up of todays character of pace and inter communicational fallout .

  8. Shattered Pieces's rating of the film Zombies

    A 15-minute music video disguised as a short film. Its in-your-face messages do not let the film be anything other than a mere music video, albeit a long one. The 3 songs featured in the film are from Baloji's (the film's director) latest album. The film works better as a promotional product for Baloji's musical side.

  9. Havare's rating of the film Zombies

    Critics about modern life and technoself were coherent and kind of poetic, but not really striking, maybe the director would like to stay on the soft-minded side.

  10. Alice's rating of the film Zombies

    Disturbing, visionary, psychedelic at some points. Truthful overall. Great choreographies and soundtrack. I liked the choice of colours!

  11. kindredp's rating of the film Zombies

    The music brought it on. Brilliant short!

  12. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Zombies

    Inventive, well choreographed short film with simple message, wrapped in brillant colors, sensual cinematography and a lot of very strong, poetical images.

  13. Naz's rating of the film Zombies

  14. Sin título.'s rating of the film Zombies

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