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  1. Photo of Ryu Kaneda

    Ryu Kaneda Director

  2. Photo of Masaki Adachi

    Masaki Adachi Director

  3. Photo of Hiroshi Ando

    Hiroshi Ando Director

  4. Photo of Komiya Masatetsu

    Komiya Masatetsu Director

  5. Photo of Junpei Mizusaki

    Junpei Mizusaki Director

  6. Photo of Otsuichi

    Otsuichi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Patrick Harlan

    Patrick Harlan Cast

  8. Photo of Yui Ichikawa

    Yui Ichikawa Cast

  9. Photo of Ryunosuke Kamiki

    Ryunosuke Kamiki Cast

  10. Photo of Ryoko Kobayashi

    Ryoko Kobayashi Cast