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  1. Photo of Matteo Oleotto

    Matteo Oleotto Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daniela Gambaro

    Daniela Gambaro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ferran Paredes Rubio

    Ferran Paredes Rubio Cinematography

  4. Photo of Pierpaolo Piciarelli

    Pierpaolo Piciarelli Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marco Pettenello

    Marco Pettenello Screenplay

  6. Photo of Giuseppe Trepiccione

    Giuseppe Trepiccione Editing

  7. Photo of Antonio Gramentieri

    Antonio Gramentieri Music

  8. Photo of Sacri Cuori

    Sacri Cuori Music

  9. Photo of Giuseppe Battiston

    Giuseppe Battiston Cast

  10. Photo of Francesco Celio

    Francesco Celio Cast

  11. Photo of Rok Prašnikar

    Rok Prašnikar Cast

  12. Photo of Marjuta Slamic

    Marjuta Slamic Cast

  13. Photo of Roberto Citran

    Roberto Citran Cast

  14. Photo of Riccardo Maranzana

    Riccardo Maranzana Cast

  15. Photo of Jan Cvitokovič

    Jan Cvitokovič Cast

  16. Photo of Ariella Reggio

    Ariella Reggio Cast