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7637 posts by 196 people created by BALISTI​K over 2 years ago
about 4 hours ago

vague memory of MUBI film—2014

1 post by 1 person created by Jacob Brashea​r about 6 hours ago
about 6 hours ago


153 posts by 62 people created by moodsta​70 over 4 years ago
about 9 hours ago

Wes Craven best Horror genre filmmaker of all time?

17 posts by 6 people created by __ 28 days ago

Hateful Eight (70mm) about The Hateful Eight

20 posts by 10 people created by Graveya​rd Poet 6 days ago

Why is eyes wide shut so hated? about Eyes Wide Shut

148 posts by 34 people created by Hidden Behind the Screen almost 5 years ago
about 14 hours ago

One-Eyed Jacks

2 posts by 2 people created by Morgio 3 days ago
3 days ago

What I Watched This Month

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707 posts by 200 people created by Lavaggi​o Risciac​quo Ripetiz​ione over 5 years ago

Violence in Film

10 posts by 4 people created by Ayla Ash 12 days ago

Heads up!!!! 50% off Criterions in Criterion

3045 posts by 303 people created by loofrin about 6 years ago

MUBI Player - is there a place to ask it to change back?

123 posts by 37 people created by elab about 1 month ago
8 days ago

No HD on Android and Chromecast?

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8 days ago


4 posts by 3 people created by RonPric​e 11 days ago
10 days ago

Rebuilding and Redesigning MUBI

2272 posts by 372 people created by efe over 1 year ago
11 days ago

Malevolence - Sometimes it is the dark that guides you.

1 post by 1 person created by Cadyn Binns 11 days ago
11 days ago

Being JOHN MALKOVICH: Some Reflections in Top Films

1 post by 1 person created by RonPric​e 11 days ago
11 days ago

Clothing for Cinephiles

6 posts by 3 people created by CVH about 1 month ago

Mubi just stops in GARAGE

6 posts by 6 people created by DavidSt​anton 5 months ago
12 days ago

The Johnny Vaughan Film Show

1 post by 1 person created by CVH 12 days ago
12 days ago

Movies That Should Be In the Criterion Collection in Criterion

1436 posts by 764 people created by Oliver White over 6 years ago
13 days ago

Punch Drunk Love and Autism Spectrum DIsorder about Punch-Drunk Love

34 posts by 18 people created by Accept No Substit​utions about 5 years ago
15 days ago

english subtitles for deaf people

5 posts by 5 people created by Sally about 2 months ago
16 days ago