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  1. Something to Remember
    Grand Jury Prize (Animated Short)

    Something to Remember

  2. Balloon


  3. Under Covers

    Under Covers

  4. Song Without a Name

    Song Without a Name

  5. Antigone


  6. The Giverny Document

    The Giverny Document

  7. Clemency


  8. The Devil's Harmony

    The Devil's Harmony

  9. Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

    Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

  10. The Sleepwalkers

    The Sleepwalkers

  11. The Science of Fictions

    The Science of Fictions

  12. Adam


  13. A Love Song For Latasha
    Grand Jury Prize (Documentary)

    A Love Song For Latasha

  14. Lingua Franca

    Lingua Franca

  15. Knives and Skin

    Knives and Skin

  16. The Last to See Them

    The Last to See Them

  17. Selah and The Spades

    Selah and The Spades

  18. Proxima


  19. Lost and Found
    Audience Award (Short)

    Lost and Found

  20. Fire in Paradise

    Fire in Paradise

  21. Jallikkettu


  22. Desert One

    Desert One

  23. Anne at 13,000 ft

    Anne at 13,000 ft

  24. Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender

  25. Milos Forman, une vie libre

    Milos Forman, une vie libre

  26. Monster God

    Monster God

  27. Anna


  28. The Golden Legend

    The Golden Legend

  29. Idol


  30. Family Members

    Family Members

  31. Suicide by Sunlight

    Suicide by Sunlight

  32. Ghosts of Sugar Land

    Ghosts of Sugar Land

  33. The Banker

    The Banker

  34. Troop Zero

    Troop Zero

  35. Blow the Man Down

    Blow the Man Down

  36. The Aeronauts

    The Aeronauts