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Goya Awards

  1. [Rec]
  2. XXY
    Best Spanish Language Foreign Film


  3. L'orphelinat
  4. La solitude

    La solitude

  5. La zona, propriété privée

    La zona, propriété privée

  6. Fados
  7. Suso's Tower

    Suso's Tower

  8. Padre Nuestro

    Padre Nuestro

  9. Nocturna, la nuit magique
    Best Animation Film

    Nocturna, la nuit magique

  10. The 13 Roses
  11. Mataharis


  12. Seven Billiard Tables

    Seven Billiard Tables

  13. The Contestant

    The Contestant

  14. Sunday Light

    Sunday Light

  15. The Nautical Chart

    The Nautical Chart

  16. Lucio


  17. Barcelona (A Map)

    Barcelona (A Map)

  18. Pudor
  19. The Mudboy

    The Mudboy

  20. Oviedo Express

    Oviedo Express

  21. Azur and Asmar

    Azur and Asmar

  22. Cándida


  23. Black Butterfly

    Black Butterfly

  24. The Silly Age

    The Silly Age