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San Sebastián International Film Festival

  1. The Innocent

    The Innocent

  2. Rojo
  3. The Deer
    Irizar Basque Film Award

    The Deer

  4. Midnight Runner

    Midnight Runner

  5. Journey to a Mother's Room

    Journey to a Mother's Room

  6. Those Who Desire
    Mention Spéciale: Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Award

    Those Who Desire

  7. Trot


  8. An Unexpected Love

    An Unexpected Love

  9. I Hate New York

    I Hate New York

  10. The Snatch Thief
    Mention Spéciale: Horizontes Award

    The Snatch Thief

  11. Cómprame un revolver

    Cómprame un revolver

  12. Almost 40

    Almost 40

  13. Hopelessly Devout

    Hopelessly Devout

  14. Above 592 Metres

    Above 592 Metres

  15. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

    Illang: The Wolf Brigade

  16. The Warning

    The Warning

  17. De Natura

    De Natura

  18. Voyage à Yoshino

    Voyage à Yoshino

  19. Cold November

    Cold November

  20. Rust


  21. Red Joan

    Red Joan

  22. Petra


  23. Phantom Thread
    FIPRESCI Grand Prix

    Phantom Thread

  24. The Bookshop

    The Bookshop

  25. Perfect Strangers

    Perfect Strangers

  26. Le Voleur de Bicyclette

    Le Voleur de Bicyclette

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