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Deux cents motels

200 Motels

Réalisé par Tony Palmer, Frank Zappa
États-Unis, 1971
Comédie, Fantastique, Musique


Absurd and witty, 200 Motels is a mixture of musical, opera-rock and sitcom truthfully conveying the catatonic state of any rock band on the road.

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Deux cents motels Réalisé par Tony Palmer, Frank Zappa

Avis des critiques

To say that it looks and sounds like no other movie would be an understatement; 200 MOTELS is a cinematic leper’s colony, disfigured and mad. Comparisons to the early video art and computer animation of, say, Ed Emshwiller and John Whitney are minimally illuminating; if there’s a psychedelia without exaltation, without wonder, without visionary dimensions, it’s found in 200 MOTELS.
December 20, 2013
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