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Notes et avis

  1. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film A Promise

    a snooze-fest love story with those most annoying camera movements a la The Office (US ver). altho i wish the material were better, one could still enjoy scenes with the late great A.Rickman. ps. Did you know, not only did ancient Romans talk British, early 20th century Germans did too>?!

  2. jooley's rating of the film A Promise

    There is something confortingly traditional about the concept - slow, understated, while attempting to portray that fabled allconsuming, allconquering love in a most ungratuitous way. However, it shoots itself in the foot, coming off as boring and lackluster as Holywood would like you to think, in part due to the characters whose conduct and show of emotion range from nonsensical to infuriatingly stereotypical.

  3. may's rating of the film A Promise

    Richard Madden as Friedrich Zeitz looks like someone I know and I can't handle that. If there is any human feature that will be my death it are cheekbones. God.

  4. Jack Hoehn's rating of the film A Promise