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Batman Begins

Réalisé par Christopher Nolan
États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, 2005


Propelled by tragedy in his childhood, Bruce Wayne travels far and wide to learn how to purge his fears and confront injustice. His first port of call is to rid his home, Gotham City, of corruption. He creates a rogue identity that is to become a symbol of fear for the criminal underworld, Batman.

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Batman Begins Réalisé par Christopher Nolan

Prix & Festivals

Academy Awards

2006 | Nominé : Best Achievement in Cinematography

BAFTA Awards

2006 | 3 nominations dont : Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects

London Critics Circle Film Awards

2006 | 2 nominations dont : British Director of the Year

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

2006 | Nominé : Best Original Score

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  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Batman Begins

    Batman Begins doesn't feel like a product of a stylist, instead, its action scenes are uniformed, its quote-unquote serious take on the story sadly crams its obvious themes of fear and childhood trauma down your throat, and it's so-very overlong. The narrative feels broken-up into serials, without an organic flow to it, while the fisticuffs-action scenes could also use a polish, being a spatial mess.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Batman Begins

    One of the finest superhero films to date. While that isn't a hard level reach considering the absolute trash they're releasing lately, it's a highly entertaining film that exiles all the unnecessary goofiness acquired over the years and retains the mystery and darkness that makes Batman so interesting.

  • Dave's rating of the film Batman Begins

    I saw this once before, soon after it came out, but am revisiting with the release of the final chapter. This may never go down as some great artistic achievement, but what I do know is that Nolan has created a very interesting, noirish world in which to tell the Batman story. It often feels like a neo-noir that just happens to take place in a comic book setting. Solid 4/5 for me.

  • Phil Worfel's rating of the film Batman Begins

    Not as good as it's acolytes profess and not as bad as the snobs (I'm one) protest. Nolan created a tight and exciting action piece with believable characters, great acting, and a fun plot. Its a testament to how bad so many action movies are that this is considered a classic by so many. Its really good but not a classic.

  • Ethan's rating of the film Batman Begins

    This is a nice little origin story that delved deep into the psychological issues of Batman and offered up some cool villains we haven't yet seen on the screen.

  • ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Batman Begins

    Too drawn out. Only 2 good things as a whole. First, this is only film in the trilogy that gives Gotham a personality rather than just make it pseudo-Chicago. Second, for all its mishandling of action sequences, the idea to blend a Roof-top chase and car chase is just awesome. Other than that, it has the worst traits of an origin story with David S.(HIT) Goyer's boring writing.

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Batman Begins

    Not nearly as slick, smart, grounded or focused as its successors -- but this was back when a darker, grittier superhero story was a novel idea, and Nolan really committed to it. A few corny catch-phrase moments have not aged well, and there's some pretty flimsy world-building, but Nolan's best cast (Oldman, Holmes, Hauer, Neeson, Watanabe, Wilkinson), a great score, and stellar cinematography more than save it.

  • mjgildea's rating of the film Batman Begins

    I always thought this was my favorite of the trilogy. The origin and setup without sacrificing half the movie was a stroke of genius but little things like aged effects (especially on Blu Ray) & Gary Oldman's somewhat embarrassing interaction with & response to the Batmobile kind of tear away at Batman Begins. Beyond that the story & references to key Batman works (i.e. Batman Year One) were great. It still holds up.

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