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Beau travail

Réalisé par Claire Denis
France, 1999
Drame, LGBT+


Dans le golfe de Djibouti, un peloton de la Légion étrangère répare les routes et s’entraîne à la guerre. A Marseille, l’ex-adjudant Galoup se rappelle les moments qu’il a vécu avec ses hommes.

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Beau travail Réalisé par Claire Denis
Back in Marseille, gun in hand, his pulse is visible in the vein of his bicep as the house beat of Corona’s ‘Rhythm of the Night’ (1993) fades in on the soundtrack. Superlative pronouncements about the history of cinema are fatuous, but I’ll risk one nonetheless: what follows these desolate shots of Galoup, supine and suicidal, is perhaps the best ending of any film, ever.
January 08, 2019
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Its overwhelming mood is one not of overheated desire but of regret and loneliness, the sadness of someone who seems like an exile wherever he goes.
July 24, 2018
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The use of Britten on the soundtrack cuts deeper than just its ties to Melville. Britten was a homosexual at a time when homosexuality was a crime in the UK, and his opera implies a homoerotic strain to Claggart’s attempts to destroy Budd. Denis, that great modern master of the sensual, runs with that homoeroticism, exulting in the voluptuous physicality of her often-half-naked male subjects, whether standing still or in rigorous motion.
January 04, 2017
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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Beau travail

    Claire Denis is a brilliant stylist, and this film shows her style in fine form. The brilliant Denis Lavant (Holy Motors) stars. Do not dismiss this as another "gay film", it is a subtle and beautiful work that demands work from the viewer as well, as do most of Denis' films. I like that, I don't need everything explained to me 3 ways like they do in Hollywood.

  • kartina obskura's rating of the film Beau travail

    i'm so happy this exists! not your usual soldier mentality movie. it peels off its skins slowly and carefully but with passion and tension, right to the bone. dancing scenes in denis' films are miracles. also, i could watch gregorie colin ironing (preferably shirtless) all day long.

  • Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Beau travail

    Une réflexion fascinante et complexe sur la masculinité et particulièrement sur les désirs cachés, refoulés. Sur l'amour qui flirte avec la haine. La direction photo et artistique est sublime, les acteurs ont un jeu impeccable (spécialement Denis Lavant) et leurs rôles sont parfaitement distribués, surtout sur le plan physique. L'une des meilleures scènes finales au cinéma. Claire Denis, Chapeau! Un chef d'oeuvre.

  • Francisco R.'s rating of the film Beau travail

    Based on a Melville novel but Conradian in its storytelling, this mosaic of images, impresions and recollections of the growing boredom and animosity within a group of legionnaires conveys a quiet desperation that is perfectly achieved by the talented cast.

  • Samuel T.'s rating of the film Beau travail

    re-watched tonight, four years later. Words do not touch this film. In other words, there is nothing to say. Just breathe, experience. Hands down one of the best cinematic experiences ever. Maybe this sounds lazy, but this is one of the few times I've walked away from a film and there was simply no need to speak or describe. I am a ripe sponge, I am basking in a super juicy pleasure dome.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Beau travail

    Claire Denis deserves her own adjective. How else to describe the tone of this film? You could call it dreamlike, except its style is too rooted in realism, just as it's far too dreamy to be realistic. Then it ends on a note that's completely tonally jarring yet inexplicably perfect. Some might say the camera's searching movement is like Malick if Malick were agnostic. And some might say that'd be an improvement.

  • kerfuffles's rating of the film Beau travail

    i had always heard this film had some serious homoerotic subtext to it, and it was just before a scene where Denis Lavant looks out at the rest of his troop in the middle of a splash fight that i thought "well, i don't see what's so gay about this." fine film. a fine, gay film.

  • Jake Cole's rating of the film Beau travail

    Denis poeticizes the potentially reductive. Through her lens, it is colonialism that seems tribal and primitive to watching natives, and sexual repression rather than inhibition that corrodes the mind. The hard flesh of soldiers becomes part of the landscape, eroding their humanity into yet more sand for the desert. Only when it's too late can one finally join in the dance. Play me off, Olga.

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