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Le Voleur de Bicyclette

Ladri di biciclette

Réalisé par Vittorio De Sica
Italie, 1948


Chômeur depuis deux ans, Antonio trouve un emploi de colleur d’affiches, mais il se fait voler sa bicyclette, outil indispensable de son nouveau métier.

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Le Voleur de Bicyclette Réalisé par Vittorio De Sica

Prix & Festivals

Festival de Cannes

2018 | Cannes Classics

Academy Awards

1950 | Lauréat : Honorary Award

1950 | Nominé : Best Writing, Screenplay

Locarno International Film Festival

1949 | Lauréat : Special Prize of the Jury

At nearly every turn, De Sica asks the viewer to consider the nature of theft and to what extent an individual could become a complicit component of systemic thievery. Ultimately, the thefts referenced in the film’s title prove to be not just a description, but also a confession, since the film’s ultimate thief is De Sica himself, who dangles the prospect of the bicycle’s recovery just beyond Antonio’s grasp, almost to the point of cruelty.
March 30, 2016
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Bicycle Thieves wasn’t even that “neo-real,” being a studio film that used back projection and employed a number of supporting-role pros. But it remains one of art film’s most powerful gateway drugs, still haunting in its painful simplicity, laced with the unforgettable behavioral moments that may be De Sica’s greatest claim to posterity.
September 08, 2015
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Revealing the catastrophic impact of seemingly minor events on people who are struggling to subsist, De Sica endows slender side business and incidental pictorial details with high suspense and tragic grandeur. With a keen succession of tracking shots amid crowds at a market and a church, he transforms the sheer scale of the city and the vast number of residents in similarly desperate straits into a symphonic lament for the human condition.
September 07, 2015
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