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Bisbee '17

Réalisé par Robert Greene
États-Unis, 2018


An old mining town on the Arizona-Mexico border finally reckons with its darkest day: the deportation of 1200 immigrant miners exactly 100 years ago. Locals collaborate to stage recreations of their controversial past.

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Bisbee '17 Réalisé par Robert Greene
It’s okay, and in many cases preferable, if the “truths” you learn from nonfiction cinema are emotional as well as archival, or if one central truth is that most stories worth telling live amidst a perpetual jostle of competing perspectives.
January 19, 2019
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It feels like the grand statement that Greene has been building up to this whole decade, bringing together his various thematic interests (not just performance, but also self-delusion, education, and the quirks of regional American life) to symphonic effect.
October 04, 2018
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Greene’s film moves in a forward, circular motion, through swift, precise interviews and extraordinarily evocative images of the mines that continue to remind us where we are.
September 09, 2018
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