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États-Unis, 2011


Mayor Tom Kane, diagnosed with a dementia disorder, struggles to keep his grip on power in Chicago.

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  • Adam GR's rating of the film Boss

    An incendiary television debut from intriguing writer, Farhad Safinia. A glorious celebration of complicated characterization that doesn't hold your hand. Multiplicities of human nature immersively shot on location in Chicago. Kathleen Robertson at career best. The only time I enjoyed a Martin Donovan performance. Perfect opening credits. Miss this unapologetic way of storytelling.

  • J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Boss

    Both seasons: I loved it. A very nice mix of drama, political corruption & sex. Kelsey Grammar is so present, powerful & performing fantastically. But the same is true for the rest of the stellar supporting cast. The series is overall fascinating due to entangled characters & twists and turns. Masterpiece.

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