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Notes et avis

  1. Ali's rating of the film Freedom

    Bir gercegin daha gun yuzune cikmasina yardimci olmus cesaretli bir film.

  2. mehoKnicks's rating of the film Freedom

    Buoyancy" aborde un sujet assez méconnu à savoir l'esclavage à la pêche. Des personnes, parfois très jeunes, en quête d'une vie meilleure partent de chez eux pour gagner de l'argent sans savoir qu'ils vont être exploités et forcés de travailler jusqu’à vingt-trois heures par jour dans des conditions inhumaines.

  3. misu's rating of the film Freedom

  4. Paolo's rating of the film Freedom

  5. Nadien's rating of the film Freedom

    A recent sample of an long therm theme. A product with international demand, a frontier environment, the first links of an extraction chain, archetypes of slaves and those who hook them, the horror... Now: fish like rubber or gold, the sea like the jungle.

  6. mrpasquali's rating of the film Freedom

    Unpretentious and thought-provoking 'Buoyancy' by the Australian director Rodd Rathjen offers an impressive tour-de-force into a crude & well-known historical reality. Slavery is portrayed here in all its contemporary complexity but structurally displayed with an economy of cinematographic resources. #Recommended

  7. Tuncay's rating of the film Freedom

    Perfect films wonderfull

  8. Hasan's rating of the film Freedom

    Harika bir konu olağan üstü yetenekli bir oyuncu teşekkürler

  9.'s rating of the film Freedom

    Unnerving, slow-building thriller about the toll violence takes on young people.

  10. Maluigi's rating of the film Freedom

    Muy buena, pero demasiado duro el tema! que violencia! que espanto!!

  11. mpho3's rating of the film Freedom

  12. Gallus's rating of the film Freedom

    Incredible. One of the best villains and youth performance in modern film by far: close to a masterpiece. Beggining as a normal take on the Thailand Dream, it evolves into a worst case scenario, albeit never one hard to believe. With a film as moving and an ending as heartbreaking as this one has, it speaks for a call to action for all those modern slavery survivors, and for those who don't make it. Powerful & moving

  13. Ana Cristina dos Santos's rating of the film Freedom

    É palpável a competência de todo o elenco que conseguiu transmitir os sentimentos de modo tão fiel. Dada às circunstâncias, imagino como deve ter sido difícil conciliar a sensibilidade das cenas ao vulgar, ao hostil, ao degradante; mormente logrado com louvor. O final fugiu dos dois clichês extremos. Estou satisfeita com a abordagem do tema.

  14. easternicko's rating of the film Freedom

    Interessante ma...finale lodevole. 2,5.

  15. Danuski's rating of the film Freedom

    "Torture is every day and killing about every second day. You are afraid of people, even of daylight. No one can hear you out there. You have no papers, nobody knows you exist. I want to tell people about our nightmares". About 200,000 men and boys are thought to be in slavery and forced labour in the fishing industry in South East Asia. It is an industry over $6 billion that supplies fish products to the world.

  16. Alex's rating of the film Freedom

    I found this a very powerful film. The young actor in the lead role is very compelling. Watching him grow into adulthood in this environment makes the inevitable domino cascade of the film's progression feel inevitable.

  17. Søren's rating of the film Freedom

    L'esclavage moderne sur les bateaux de pêche. Un sujet en dehors des radars habituels pour un film - particulièrement difficile - qui ne laisse pas indifférent. Grosse performance du personnage principal.

  18. Burak's rating of the film Freedom

    Gemide ve Sarmaşık’tan hastası olduğumuz “iktidar mücadelesi anlatımında gemi metaforu” adına taş gibi bir örnek.

  19. Joseph Fairbanks's rating of the film Freedom

    Cambodian boy is sold to a Thai broker and enslaved on a fishing trawler and others like him are killed and even tortured around this kid. This movie was dark but in the sense it needed to be for the plot. This young actor has great skills for portraying emotions at such a young age. This movie struck me as of course trying to deliver a message and it did a great job, It was a brutal film but none the less great

  20. Elia's rating of the film Freedom

    This made me google "south east asia fishing slavery" and spend like an hour reading about it. Chilling, beautiful.

  21. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Freedom

  22. Edher Maldonado Hernández's rating of the film Freedom

    El mundo es una gran basura, no podemos seguir creyendo esta mentira.

  23. msmichel's rating of the film Freedom

    Exceptional debut feature from director Rodd Rathjen which casts an eye on modern day slavery in the fishing trade of South East Asia. The so-called non -professional actors here excel in capturing the desperation and ruthlessness of the enterprise. Though the film descends into violence and unlikely revenge it remains a harrowing and eye opening watch. Worth seeking out.

  24. Naïm's rating of the film Freedom

    beautifully shot and based on a terrible reality. the script is too simple and linear, though, and misses the opportunity for a more subtle exploration of the psychology of power, violence, hope and fear. it did not manage to drag me beyond the thrill

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