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Notes et avis

  1. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Chained Girls

    a Kinsey Report for the grindhouses.

  2. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Chained Girls

    No deja de ser curioso cómo de broma en broma se va definiendo los prejuicios sociales de una época que para la actualidad lucen hilarantes. Tal vez por ese mismo estereotipo grotesco, incluyendo clasificaciones, que se le hace a la comunidad lésbica es que esta película se alinearía a una intención de explotación. Tiene también el perfil de un filme propaganda, treta muy aplicada por entonces para desprestigiar.

  3. captainfez's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Filed under: incongruous soundtrack.

  4. Nicole's rating of the film Chained Girls

    I'm glad Refn discovered this one because and I'm pretty biased here but the content is uh, highly interesting. The narrator is ridiculous as hell to listen to but when it cuts to the music and women only, it's pretty beautiful. Some bad acting but damn there's good timing with the music and motions in this. The music is so fitting it looked like they were going for moon landing kind of vibe, except with women.

  5. Heikan's rating of the film Chained Girls

    And here I thought that the sex education video of the Springfield Elementary School was weird and over the top (even though she was clearly faking it). Hilarious and misguided, just like Reefer Madness. Entertaining when not taken seriously, which also begs the question if it was to be taken seriously in the first place.

  6. Ana's rating of the film Chained Girls

    A great representation of a homophobic society. Although made in the 60's it is still the case in many places in the world today, where heterosexuals are still trying to cure LGBTQI+ Awful cinematography and music. However, a good artefact to remind us of what it was and should never be! It was difficult watching it from non lesbian point of view.

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Viewed with a modern sardonic eye this 'educational' picture on lesbianism offers a few laughs and eye rolling moments. However in the context of the time it was made it's extreme homophobia and deep lack of understanding its subject matter is gob smacking. NWR's restored print was well worth saving as an interesting artifact.

  8. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Chained Girls

    If this is how Americans learned about Lesbianism, God help them. This has got to be the most bizarre film I have ever seen. Utterly misogynistic, horrid when it's not hilarious, a cinematic definition of prurience and riddled with dangerous nonsense. The commentary is extraordinary (and not in a good way), and the score could not be less appropriate. Talk about sleazy. I thought we were in better place by 1965!

  9. tubbssw's rating of the film Chained Girls

    If you can allow yourself not to take it seriously (with all due respect to the lesbian community) it has some curiosity value looking back at it 50+ years on.

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Chained Girls

    A hilariously bad "documentary" (but actually really just some simple exploitation) that purports to reveal the secret life of lesbians all around us in the 1960s, this is a wild and weird relic that at least only takes up just over an hour of your time.

  11. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Absolutely hilarious due it's pure ridiculousness, yet also fascinating to see how society's thinking has changed. It makes a lot of sense as to where a lot of misguided ideas folk had/have about lesbianism and homosexuality came from. Despite the declaration of non-judgement at the beginning of what is essentially a wildlife-style documentary, "dykes" are made out to be villainous she-devils, ha!

  12. Maga's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Hoy, esto debe ser un falso documental. Cual narración de National Geographic Channel, se "interna" en el mundo lésbico y se estudia a sus "invertidos". Ofensivo, machista, lleno de jocosos y lapidarios argumentos, una narración y una banda sonora que alientan a que se les trate como vil animalitos descarriados y el pensamiento de qué pasaba en la sociedad en ese momento para hacer algo así.

  13. Nick's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Couldn’t give this kind of brazen homophobia anything other than a 1* but I found it an interesting cultural artefact. You can see the myth of the gay predator in the early modelling scene, the entire zoo-like attitude with the camera and narrator ‘looking in’ (peeping?) at something they have no comprehension of. Wouldn’t call it enjoyable, but as I wasn’t alive then it was interesting to see the social attitudes.

  14. mmassias's rating of the film Chained Girls

  15. Enriico Fermii's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Trivia: Joseph P. Mawra is a nom de plume, a clever anagram of the name André Breton, the actual director of films such as Chained Girls, films created through aleatory techniques developed by the Surrealists in Paris, France in the early 20th century. Here are some medical statistics about Surrealists: 23% are homo sexuals, 13% experienced their first kiss with a lobster while on holiday before reaching puberty.

  16. Bradderz's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Reminds me of Reefer Madness, only about lesbians, and in “documentary” form. Ridiculously ignorant and unintentionally hilarious.

  17. Laura G.'s rating of the film Chained Girls

    Just a big no-no. Utterly mysogenistic, neurotic and portraying lesbianism like some sort of dangerous cult. What a load of ridiculous crap. Everytime there were scenes of intimacy I cringed so hard because of how forced and unrealistic they looked. It's clear this man is not a member of the LGBTQ community. And the worse it's that he describes lesbian women as emotionally immature. Could kick his ass.

  18. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Sounds like a woman in prison film due to the title but is actually a film about lesbians narrated by a man who scares the viewer about the danger of being raped by one if you are alone with them when you happen to be a single young woman. Priceless.

  19. DebraM's rating of the film Chained Girls

    A classic example of the 60s exploitation film that purported to be a documentary in order to get around censors of the day. A cheap and very sleazy piece that underpins the power of the male gaze. Two stars because it made me laugh.

  20. carf's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Yo la peor de todas...un lamentable heredero del maccartismo norteamericano. Burdo film por dónde se lo mire. Los textos son de terror. Para reír y llorar al mismo tiempo. Las actuaciones también. Los enfermos incurables no son las lesbianas, como dice el relator, sino los retorcidos guionistas que hicieron esta payasada. Lamentablemente hoy en día hay gente que sigue pensando así. Sirve sólo como muestra de época.

  21. exanimes's rating of the film Chained Girls

    More an interesting case for the fethisization of lesbianism through the male gaze than a genuine documentary (never, never watch as the later).

  22. German's rating of the film Chained Girls

    Interesante como documental, para quien se interese en el tema del lesbianismo.

  23. Ravna's rating of the film Chained Girls

    "The butch of today could become the femme of tomorrow." "in lesbionic harmony"

  24. Kevin's rating of the film Chained Girls

    The best part of the Chained Girls is the absence of chains and survey of statistics that show not only is lesbian behavior normal, it is older than religion (Sappho), involves a larger percentage of people than support the white house right now, 71% with college degrees, and the ability to change at will, like changing clothes. Too cool. The stats read like an ad, not a warning.