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Les conspirateurs du plaisir

Spiklenci slasti

Réalisé par Jan Švankmajer
République Tchèque, Suisse, 1996
Comédie, Culte


Jan Švankmajer’s third feature film is a dialogue-free black comedy aspiring to create a synaesthetic experience for its audience. The film centers on six outwardly average individuals who have elaborate fetishes indulged with surreptitious care.

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Les conspirateurs du plaisir Réalisé par Jan Švankmajer

Avis des critiques

This wordless, vignette-based survey of curious goings-on among the everymen of Prague, of which chicken fetishism and dough inhalation are the least alarming, is an object of very bizarre beauty indeed.
July 26, 2015
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It’s a most singular accomplishment, even by Švankmajer’s highly iconoclastic standards – possibly “the first erotic film in which there is no sexual intercourse” (2). Nonetheless, it is emblematic of the interrelationship of Švankmajer’s film and fine art practices, and of the long periods of gestation common to his feature films.
July 11, 2014
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