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Filles, épouses et une mère

Musume tsuma haha

Réalisé par Mikio Naruse
Japon, 1960


In suburban Tokyo, a son of the Sakanishis dies, leaves his widow with an insurance payoff — and then the family descends, with backbiting, disasters and recriminations so horrific that the mater familias looks into a nursing home, with only the widow herself having a shot at happiness.

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Filles, épouses et une mère Réalisé par Mikio Naruse

Avis des critiques

An obvious fit for Naruse in its subjects and its preoccupations, crammed with big stars all the way down to supporting roles, intermittently aspiring to the tone of Ross Hunter melodramas, DAUGHTERS, WIVES AND A MOTHER feels as if it might have been a little too much of a prestige project for Naruse’s good.
June 06, 2016
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