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Dead Again

Réalisé par Kenneth Branagh
États-Unis, 1991


1949 composer Roman Strauss is executed for the vicious murder of his wife Margaret with a pair of scissors. In 1990s Los Angeles a mute amnesiac woman shows up at an orphanage and private eye Mike Church is called in to investigate.

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Dead Again Réalisé par Kenneth Branagh

Avis des critiques

With Dead Again, Kenneth Branagh takes a shot at unseating Brian De Palma as the master of the Hitchockian homage, and one can’t help but appreciate the attempt. Especially when the result is as gleefully fetishistic as this 1991 film, which has the hots for numerous classics by the Master of Suspense, and fashioned in ways that allow cinephiles to visually pick out these drool-worthy influences.
August 30, 2016
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A wonderfully florid exercise in style right down to its chronological color-coding… Throwing caution to the winds, Branagh is basically attempting to mount two different types of thriller at the same time: a gleaming ’40s potboiler and the sun-blind ’90s neo-noir. And if it feels at times like an incestuous shotgun wedding, the slow-burning relationship between Mike and Grace (who gradually gains the ability to speak) is giddily romantic.
February 10, 2015
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The first time I saw the movie, I took it as a trashy American-style entertainment that ultimately strangled on its own excesses as it lusted after “artistic” credentials—rather in the manner of a Brian De Palma film, albeit with less evidence of sincerity or personal conviction. The second time I saw it, I took it more as a kind of coded sport between Branagh and his English viewers, which made it seem no less disheveled but somewhat more comprehensible.
August 30, 1991
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