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Election 1

Hak se wui

Réalisé par Johnnie To
Hong Kong, 2005
Policier, Drame, Thriller
  • Mandarin
  • Anglais


Les grandes figures de la Wo Shing Society, la plus ancienne triade de Hong Kong, s’apprêtent à élire un nouveau leader. Des rivalités naissent entre deux candidats. L’un est très lié aux traditions de la Triade, l’autre veut les bouleverser, quitte à utiliser la violence et la fraude.

Notre opinion

Le maitre du genre, Johnnie To (The Mission), livre une saga de gangster de grande ambition. On y suit les politiques, les codes (et saignées) internes au sein d’un gang qui subit une période de transition suite à un changement de leadership. Un récit captivant du crime organisé.

Election 1 Réalisé par Johnnie To

Avis des critiques

Compared with Sparrow (2008) or Life Without Principle (2011), Election is one of To’s more subdued films. Much of the action takes place under heavy shadow, and the director minimizes his use of balletic camera movement, for which he’s justly revered.
October 30, 2012
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  • David R Williams's rating of the film Election 1

    An amazing film. Many characters yet even the least are fully formed. The twists and turns and newly formed alliances will make your head spin but its worth the discomfort. Sudden graphic violence that stuns in its intensity. The machete street fight is the ballet of violence in its purest form. The ending says everything that needs to be said about Triad life...and death.

  • thivai abhor's rating of the film Election 1

    This film keeps you guessing all the way to the stunning ending -- easily ranks as one of my all-time gangster/crime films. If you enjoy this one you should check out the companion Triad Election (2006) which does a good job of connecting the criminal activities to a rising China's economic activities (think of the 2008 Italian film Gomorrah's portrayal of organized crime and global capitalism)

  • flobota's rating of the film Election 1

    The definition of Hong Kong and Triad Cinema without pigeons and double wielded pistols. I am scared to death of every character and I really want to go to Hong Kong now. Extra point for the music and the last twenty minutes.

  • Lthm2's rating of the film Election 1

    Good drama, good construction, good ending, good characters, what can you ask ? Coming back from Hong-Kong made it even more exciting as I was staying in Tsim Sha Tsue where the film takes place. I didn't feel totally impressed by it but you really want to continue the viewing as it's constantly trying to tell scene from different perspective, cooking some pretty good editing and stroytelling tricks. Great ending !

  • Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Election 1

    Creative in its typical inner-gangland warfare plot, and detailed if overburdened in its gangster politics, this is one of master Director Johnnie To's few overrated films, due to its indifferent emotional stakes. Once Election lingers on just a few characters instead of what seems like countless, the film has a lingering and devastating emotional power. If only the whole film had that same wallop.

  • Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Election 1

    The first two acts of the movie suffer from an overload of incomprehensible gang politics and a myriad of characters that are difficult to keep track of. But by the end this sense of dread and awe seeped in and I was riveted. Plus, the gangsters have names like Uncle Cocky.

  • Jake Cole's rating of the film Election 1

    To hilariously subverts the gangster genre like never before by making the mob hold elections, then building out the usual violence from this act of civilized behavior to make the dim, brutal scheming that much more absurd and repugnant. To moves so fleetly that I couldn't tell where this stopped being funny, though, and when it started to be abhorrent.

  • Greg S.'s rating of the film Election 1

    I had a hard time keeping track of all characters at first and in some films that would make it hard to follow but as it went on it became clear and it was the sense of corruption seeping into all the characters that seemed to unify everything. I still have many To films to see but juxtaposition of the noble origins of the triad with the brutal even awkward violence is so far him at his most impressive. Must see.

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