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Les baisers de secours

Réalisé par Philippe Garrel
France, 1989
Drame, Romantique


When a philandering film director refuses to cast his stage actress wife in a role largely based on her, the couple begins to wrestle with their conflicting philosophies on art and life.

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Les baisers de secours Réalisé par Philippe Garrel

Avis des critiques

The end of Emergency Kisses is probably my favourite of any Garrel picture, a scene that perfectly realizes his vision. . . . In one simple scene, absent any dialogue, Garrel visually conveys the vicissitudes of love and infidelity and the self-consciousness of role-playing that run through all his work. It’s a profoundly moving ending, and one that could only be realized by a master of the craft.
February 16, 2018
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Here in this deeply personal film is the intimate lens that is characteristic of so much of Garrel’s work. His camera is a mirror that reflects and memorialises. Emergency Kisses is evidence of Garrel’s willingness to look at ‘them’ and also at himself, as he has done repeatedly and honestly throughout a 50-year career of subjective exploration.
September 15, 2015
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In what’s been a remarkably autobiographical oeuvre, the metatheatrical layers in the likes of Emergency Kisses are dizzying… This is Garrel at perhaps his most indulgently navel gazing, but it’s a fascinating meditation on the divisions between cinema and life; it also augured the couple’s real-world split that would eventuate a few years later.
September 15, 2015
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