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La frontière de l'aube

Réalisé par Philippe Garrel
France, 2008


Une star vit seule chez elle, son mari est à Hollywood et la délaisse. Débarque chez elle un photographe qui doit la prendre en photo pour un journal, faire un reportage sur elle.

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La frontière de l'aube Réalisé par Philippe Garrel
Beyond being among the most crystalline and perfectly realised films of Garrel, very exact in its materialist abstraction (what year is it set in? how much fictional time does it cover?), Frontier of Dawn is also profound in its truly psychoanalytic insight into what haunts any ‘life transition.’
March 15, 2009
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There are a million conceivable ways to render this material trite, melodramatic, and laughable, but Garrel perfectly brings forth its eerie fatalism and its testament to love’s inextricably deceptive power to destroy.
March 08, 2009
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It’s a lovely work, suffused with a deep melancholy that seems etched into each of its beautifully lighted images.
March 05, 2009
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