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Notes et avis

  1. Pascal Croque's rating of the film Head-on

    Wow! One of my favourite movies. Powerful, brutal, romantic, even funny in places.

  2. Daniela Aquin's rating of the film Head-on

    The best film from Fatih Akin

  3. Monsieur Simon Cinema's rating of the film Head-on

    Just remembered I watched this film literal traumatising experience. But good acting. the story was so, so and I liked the end 3.5

  4. Siham's rating of the film Head-on

    A cocktail of cruelty, self destruction and romance. Love it!

  5. aaa88's rating of the film Head-on

    An anomalous love story,.

  6. Laura G.'s rating of the film Head-on

    It broke me to pieces. A disfunctional relationship that came to be because she was looking for freedom from cultural oppression. How many women fear the same fate? And then she stayed for the happiness of her daughter although hers lied somewhere else. How many times does this happen to humans around the world. Somehow at the end I felt robbed, because she and Cahit belonged together.

  7. lucio carbonelli's rating of the film Head-on

    blood, music and love. what a masterpiece.

  8. Epinephrin's rating of the film Head-on

    Joa...die Musik war geil. Der erste Teil - mega, dann der Teil in der Türkey zu kurz um das Ende zu verstehen. Man kann glaube ich unterschiedlich interpretieren. Habe das Ende nicht so richtig verstanden, hat den ganzen Film sinnlos gemacht. Oder what's the catch here?

  9. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Head-on

    Clichés. Arguments convenus. Ces histoires d'intégration ou de contraste de cultures extra-européennes ont été déjà été racontées cent fois. Les ficelles utilisées ici ne relèvent pas le niveau de la Turquie. ==== Clichés. Agreed argument. These stories of integration or contrast of non-European cultures have already been told a 100 times. The big strings used here do not raise the level of Turkey.

  10. MCJ's rating of the film Head-on

    utterly mundane and deeply poetic. at the same time.

  11. Andismile's rating of the film Head-on

    Life's what you make it ... and you're what life makes you ... Akin juggles with destiny, roots, origins, habits, traditions, dreams, fate, faith, culture, desire, passion, despair, freedom and confinement in such a pure, beautiful and understanding way. Showing without actually judging. Put alltogether in strong and beautiful pictures and wrapped in great music.

  12. holm.burgemann's rating of the film Head-on

    An der Oberfläche eine langsam erzählte Milieu-Studie Anfang der 2000er, ohne die Prätention heutiger Debatten; im Untergrund die Erzählung einer Liebe, die erst in größter Not wirklich werden konnte.

  13. bastos's rating of the film Head-on

    this is the most intense and best ever love movie. besides this it shows the dillemma between german "free life" and turkish/german tradition without emphazising or glorifying one or the other

  14. dionysus67's rating of the film Head-on

    The clash of civilizations within and without told with dynamic camerawork and frenzied performances by the two handsome leads. Whilst Akin has a firm grip over a material he knows all too well the film adopts at points a quasi-sensationalitst aesthetic that leaves one unsure about overall style and intentions. The moments of violence are not Akin's forte or the close ups, which compromise otherwise elegant shots.

  15. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Head-on

    [More like 4.5] Amazing performances telling 'a tale of two lost souls' (as the synopsis accurately describes it): the point of view through which the story is told is never settled to just one of the two main characters, allowing the viewer to dig deep into their respective self-destructive attitudes that keep anyone else afar, leaving them alone with the sole aim to reunite - in a technically keen movie.

  16. lou.'s rating of the film Head-on

    What a plaintive movie! It really triggered off something truly deeply emotive in me. ❤ MUBI pls #giveusmore!

  17. Don't try's rating of the film Head-on

    Ci sono film che rimangono nel tuo inconscio sempre

  18. ANNA's rating of the film Head-on

    Una trama convulsa di un’umanitá conturbante e sanguigna, una ballata tragico-romantica con intermezzi gothic-punk e musica tradizionale. Ben due ore di film fluiscono come un fiume alcolico, con una storia che va avanti, “prendendo di petto” la bellezza anche nelle immagini più malate, nello squallore al neon di città notturne, espressioni intense, a tratti angeliche in questa sorprendente ricetta turca.

  19. Paolo del ventoso Est's rating of the film Head-on

    Amazing actors, wonderful use of the camera. And what about the soundtrack? A gorgeous post-punk revival.

  20. FISCHER's rating of the film Head-on

    Une oeuvre magnifique, d'une grande violence pulsionnelle, avec deux étonnants acteurs véritablement "habités" par leurs rôles et surtout un réalisateur prometteur...

  21. bazedandconfused's rating of the film Head-on

    A lot. Sometimes a good amount, often too much.

  22. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Head-on

    Fantastic dark comedy/drama. Dense, keeps your attention from the first frame to the last. One of the best hits from the 00's. A must.

  23. FilmEdie's rating of the film Head-on

    Grace! Like some updated iteration of Fear Eats the Soul crossed with the way I lived in my 20s. Tone perfect; this miraculous mix of distance and intimacy... Oof! Right there. This is what I always figured I was supposed to feel watching Wong Kar Wai films, but never really did (except 2046). “Kennen Sie die Band The The?… Der Der? Die Die? Das Das?” (womp womp).

  24. blkrchs's rating of the film Head-on

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