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High Life

Réalisé par Claire Denis
France, Allemagne, 2018
Science-fiction, Aventure, Drame


The story revolves around a group of skilled criminals who trade in facing jail time and capital punishment for agreeing to participate in a likely fatal government space mission where they will be tasked with finding alternate energy sources, and will be part of human reproduction experiments.

High Life Réalisé par Claire Denis
This is an alternately disturbing, intellectually stimulating, scary, erotic, and revolting collection of moments that you’re supposed to watch, listen and react to, not necessarily process as one might a traditional linear narrative, or some kind of cinematic equation that can be unlocked like the final level of a videogame.
April 05, 2019
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As is often the case in Denis’s movies, “High Life” vibrates with low-key erotic energy that can feel exciting, a little dangerous. 
April 04, 2019
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High Life is a chilly, ruminative film, brilliant if not exactly likable. But Pattinson, the movie’s thumping heart, is superb.
April 04, 2019
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  • HKFanatic's rating of the film High Life

    Rape, terror, and death at the edge of a blackhole. I may be betraying my unfamiliarity with director Claire Denis' body of work, but I can quite easily connect "Trouble Every Day's" interpretation of a 21st century Nosferatu in Vincent Gallo to Juliette Binoche's insemination-obsessed Dr. Frankenstein in "High Life." The difference here is that "High Life" ends with some semblance of hope - or maybe just oblivion.

  • Ethan's rating of the film High Life

    Claire Denis delivers another visually stunning and thought provoking film that needs multiple viewings to truly appreciate the greatness of this film. Pattinson delivers another intricate and intense performance and the look of the film feels like Solaris meets Alien. More proof that Denis is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

  • Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film High Life

    At first glance this seems about life— creating it, spreading it— but in fact, it’s much more concerned with death. Mirroring our own existence, life is the fuel that gets us going, but the obsession is the destination. Denis uses a non-linear timeline and visceral imagery to evoke gut reactions, and for the most part succeeds. It’s hard to deny the film’s beauty and brutality (again— life and death).

  • Nicole Richie's rating of the film High Life

    with extremely beautiful cinematography, Claire Denis appropriates old ideas of language to create something that looks new.

  • Bilouaustria's rating of the film High Life

    Viennale _ I love Claire Denis. "Us go home" is one the best french films from the 1990s. She has a strong personality and "High Life" is ambitious but still is a desaster. There is almost nothing to save from this sexual "Solaris" that ends up being as empty as a Malick sermon. But it is fine to be radical and to fail sometimes. She gave us "Trouble everyday" that way. Keep going Claire, keep taking risks.

  • jessetaylor's rating of the film High Life

    This film is mesmerizing - achingly beautiful, but made me feel as lonely and isolated as Pattinson's Monte. It's a stunner. Any film that has Juliette Binoche as an unhinged, witch-like fertility scientist who harvests semen in the hopes to impregnate one of the female criminals on board a spaceship hurtling towards a black hole is one I am here for. And truly, this is a masterpiece.

  • Colin Gregory's rating of the film High Life

    At first I thought his baby would die. After she had grown I thought they would fuck. Who knows though eternity is a long time so something could happen.

  • Adam GR's rating of the film High Life

    True space horror. Denis' incubation in darkness inspires contemplation. The body being a favorite motif of hers, she says such nihilistic things here. Kinetic, dysmorphic. Rape ends in death, rape ends in life. Semen leaks from all angles. Binoche is commendably physical. Mia Goth notches another cult turn before stretching sideways into oblivion. Dogs, harbingers. Light that might occur beyond its own absence.

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