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I Walked with a Zombie

Réalisé par Jacques Tourneur
États-Unis, 1943
Drame, Horreur, Romantique


Une jeune infirmière (Betsy) se rend aux Caraïbes pour soigner Jessica, la femme d’un propriétaire de plantation (Paul). Elle semble atteinte d’une paralysie mentale. Lorsqu’elle tombe amoureuse de Paul, Betsy s’obstine à soigner Jessica même si elle doit s’adonner à une cérémonie vaudou.

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Vaudou Réalisé par Jacques Tourneur

Avis des critiques

I’m not easily frightened," insists Betsy Connell, the intrepid heroine of I Walked with a Zombie. Over the course of its 69-minute running time, Jacques Tourneur’s 1943 film will find plenty of ways to challenge that assertion. At once the most pungently atmospheric and narratively unusual of the films Tourneur famously directed for producer Val Lewton at RKO in the early 1940s, I Walked with a Zombie has endured as a genre touchstone and pop-cultural reference point.
October 26, 2016
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The romance that’s meant to flourish between Dee and Conway is stilted and unconvincing, but it’s clear that Tourneur’s interests lie in the shadows. Even at 68 minutes, the movie is a slow burn, but once Dee walks into the sugar-cane fields on her way to a voodoo ceremony, the fluid play of black on black is mesmerizing to behold.
June 20, 2013
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Guilt and superstition, the penitence of sinners and the murmurs of gods, a wealth of tenebrous material woven most gracefully by Tourneur, who contemplates the native congregations with respectfully fascinated tracking shots and achieves a devastating effect with a cut from a pin pushed into a voodoo doll to an act of lethal sacrifice.
May 13, 2013
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