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Le violent

In a Lonely Place

Réalisé par Nicholas Ray
États-Unis, 1950
Policier, Drame, Film noir


Dixon Steele, un scénariste en proie à des crises de violence, est accusé du meurtre d’une serveuse. Laurel, une voisine amoureuse de Steele, le disculpe, mais leur amour ne peut échapper à la suspicion.

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Le violent Réalisé par Nicholas Ray
Grahame’s performance powerfully conveys the living nightmare of realizing that someone you truly love also scares you, a pattern that’s as sadly common in abusive relationships today as in the 1950s. But the film presents the relationship in the style of a classic Hollywood melodrama, as a doomed romance between two flawed but charismatic people. There are wells of darkness in the original novel that it doesn’t dare look into.
October 04, 2017
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While keeping the homme fatale at the center of Hughes’s novel, Ray shocked viewers with a denouement possibly creepier than that of the book. In the novel Dix is a remorseless, cold-hearted killer. In the movie, though, he is equally capable of love as well as murder. For those who long to see the misanthrope redeemed by love (and really, who does not?), it is Dix’s killing off his love affair that cuts to the quick. His remorse is almost unbearable.
June 29, 2017
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In his 1950 noir masterpiece In a Lonely Place we find what is perhaps the director’s most tragic exploration of identity.
June 02, 2017
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