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In Order of Disappearance


Réalisé par Hans Petter Moland
Norvège, 2014
Action, Comédie


Norway, winter. Introverted and hard-working Nils drives the powerful snow plough that keeps open the roads and mountain passes of the inhospitable frozen landscape where he lives…

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In Order of Disappearance Réalisé par Hans Petter Moland
The fun of the film (and it is often fun) is in the complexities of interconnections, and the sheer number of criminals raging through this tiny area, outnumbering the upstanding citizens by the looks of it… The killings are creative and brutal, but eventually, the whole structure of it, with the epitaphs announcing the deaths “in order of disappearance”—becomes an empty and slick exercise in style.
August 26, 2016
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The filmmaker’s concentration on the tools of his protagonist’s trade early in the film has a payoff. Paring so far down to essentials that he skirts the edges of minimalism is trademark Moland.
August 25, 2016
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Skarsgård mopes around throughout, largely ceding the film to the zoo of supporting actors, all of whom are TV-type crooks in the familiar post-Coen/Tarantino style and do not help the story’s lack of conviction. The script is a good deal less mysterious, at least, than the odd original title, Kraftidioten (“power idiot”), the coinage of which has even my Norwegian friends scratching their heads.
August 24, 2016
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