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Le dernier tango à Paris

Ultimo tango a Parigi

Réalisé par Bernardo Bertolucci
France, Italie, 1972
Drame, Romantique, Érotique


Paul, un Américain établi à Paris, et Jeanne font connaissance alors qu’ils visitent, un matin d’hiver, un grand appartement vide. Ils font l’amour sans rien savoir l’un de l’autre, pas même leurs prénoms. Paul loue l’appartement et le couple s’y donne rendez-vous…

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Le dernier tango à Paris Réalisé par Bernardo Bertolucci

Avis des critiques

Blood moves the wheels of history in Bertolucci’s telling, but other bodily secretions do their part as well-and it’s in Last Tango in Paris that the eroticism already evident in his films to date moved to the fore.
January 02, 2019
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Bertolucci had the impulse to make a movie that would be more dramatically daring and frank, on the subject of sex, than any movie had ever been; in pursuing artistic ambition, and, while remaining safely behind the camera, he took more from his actors than any director should ever expect or even want them to give. For a while, the film won him acclaim; in the light of history, it has rightfully brought him infamy.
November 30, 2018
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It’s a tribute to how powerful Brando’s performance in Bertolucci’s film remains that it is still possible to understand why he would react that way. Not that Brando is the only noteworthy aspect of the film, by any means. Vittorio Storaro’s brown- and beige-toned cinematography and Gato Barbieri’s extravagantly rueful score combine to create an autumnal atmosphere of lush rot.
August 05, 2015
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