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Layla M.

Réalisé par Mijke de Jong
Pays-Bas, Belgique, 2016


18-year-old Layla, a Dutch girl with Moroccan roots, joins a group of radical Muslims. She encounters a world that nurtures her ideas initally, but finally confronts her with an impossible choice.

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Layla M. Réalisé par Mijke de Jong

Avis des critiques

Layla M.‘s progression from youthful enchantment to adult exhaustion feels too fast and more than a little tired; the closest analogue in recent years is probably Olivier Assayas’ Something in the Air, which similarly finds its plucky protagonist sidelined by the end to dirty-dish duty while twentysomething radical dudes plan their very important protests in the living room. De Jong is also guilty of relying on visual shortcuts to chart Layla’s radicalization.
September 14, 2016
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There’s a contrived, programmatic quality to watching Layla follow her ideals to the edge of the cliff, but co-writer/director Mijke de Jong and her lead actor, Nora El Koussour, work hard to complicate her journey, both internally and externally. They arrive at a plausible case study in terror recruitment, linked in no small part to Western policies of discrimination and harassment. But they also create a fully realized character whose passion has no home in a world dominated by men.
September 09, 2016
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