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Le samouraï

Réalisé par Jean-Pierre Melville
France, Italie, 1967
Policier, Drame


Jeff Costello, tueur “brillant”, dit le Samouraï, est dévisagé par une jeune pianiste alors qu’il vient de remplir un contrat.

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Le samouraï Réalisé par Jean-Pierre Melville
The film concerns the perfection of form and of etiquette that embodies a pragmatism that might occasionally yield conventional morality. For Melville, perfection means the absence of extraneousness, especially in terms of professionalism and art . . . With its hyper-articulate mixture of the exotic and the proletariat, Le Samouraï has proven enormously influential, refining a sex appeal for the modern crime film which can fascinate even the most self-consciously macho of bros.
November 22, 2017
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The alertness to detail and the patience with which Melville documents forms both the film’s backbone of cinematic exposition and gives context to the story it is telling on more than a literal level. The process of criminal enterprise is viewed with a precise and lucid eye for the minutiae a man in Jef’s profession must orchestrate with utmost care, whilst also accumulating cinematic images based around these details that can only work in the way they do as film.
August 24, 2017
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The immaculate geometry of Alain Delon’s facial features is expanded into pictorial magnitude in Le samouraï (1967), the “analysis of a schizophrenic sketched by a paranoid,” in Melville’s own words. Practically a silent film crystallized into minimalist gestures and eloquent pauses, this compendium of Parisian Bushido distils the contemplative solitude that will characterize Melville’s late oeuvre.
May 02, 2017
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