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Les hautes solitudes

Réalisé par Philippe Garrel
France, 1974
  • Silencieux
  • Pas de sous-titres
Philippe Garrel: Combat pour l'éternité


Dans le silence en noir et blanc, l’accent est mis sur un seul et même visage : celui d’une star déchue de 40 ans, Jean Seberg, quinze ans après Breathless, aux prises avec l’alcool, la peur, la solitude, la dépendance aux drogues et la démence.

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Décrit par Garrel comme « des chutes d’un film qui n’existe pas », ce portrait muet élégiaque et ensorcelant de Jean Seberg rappelle les célèbres bouts d’essai d’Andy Warhol. Soyez toutefois prêts à voir une scène poignante qui prophétise en quelque sorte la mort de l’actrice cinq ans plus tard.

Les hautes solitudes Réalisé par Philippe Garrel
It is a raw experience. No title, no credits of any sort. No soundtrack—although I defy anyone to watch it in absolute silence and not “hear” something, at some point, in their head. Just a series of “moving images” (for once the currently fashionable artworld term is correct), portraits in black-and-white, mostly trained on faces, or the upper parts of several bodies. There is no make-up, only minimal lighting and staging, and no post-production effects or clean-up whatsoever.
February 24, 2017
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The film has both life—or if you prefer, presence, at its highest intensity—and style. The style comes in the way that Garrel shoots his subjects; I say this at the risk of stating the obvious, because without sound, narrative, or any significant action, all we have is the subjects and the way they are shot. But the film displays at once an extraordinary casualness and a very precise sense of form and composition.
February 23, 2017
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Few films elicit as many satisfyingly divergent responses as “Les Hautes Solitudes”… The film’s silence works as a kind of invitation, encouraging you to infer meaning and jump to conclusions as one image gives way to the next. You fill in the gaps between them, a process similar to how viewers create meaning through montage, shot by shot. The images in “Les Hautes Solitudes,” though, seem more casually strung together than assembled for specific meanings.
February 23, 2017
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