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Réalisé par Yi Okseop
Corée du Sud, 2018
Drame, Comédie


En voyant une radiographie circuler à l’hôpital montrant deux personnes anonymes en train de faire l’amour dans la salle de radio, une infirmière craint être l’un des deux squelettes représentés. Accompagnée de sa patronne, elle part en mission pour déterminer si l’humain est digne de confiance.

Maggie Réalisé par Yi Okseop

Ce que vous en pensez

  • aam's rating of the film Maggie

    Truly contemporary. The best films are like life, no bullshit overaching plot, no three acts classical annoyance, just different beats, no necessity for any specific meaning or translation of the images we see, a collection of moments that are only connected by a tangible atmosphere and the perceptions of the characters that go through it. Looking forward for Yi Okseop's future work.

  • Georges Iroh's rating of the film Maggie

    In a relationship, the breakdown of communication can make you feel weak, like your entire world is succumbing to entropy, but true strength is found in understanding when your efforts are not being reciprocated. A quirky and playful comedy that always kept me guessing where its story of working-class young adults would go next. Made for those of us who admire Miranda July but cannot stomach her bourgeois attitude.

  • minij's rating of the film Maggie

    Very absurdist and nonsensical at times, but I found this really funny and quite charming. Beyond that the film explores the question of who to trust and when. I very much enjoyed it

  • Dzinghis the Little Big Guy's rating of the film Maggie

    The end of January is an awfully grim time of year and that's what makes IFFR amazing, even though the festival does become more corporate and less interesting every year. It's a real pleasure to watch 'Maggie' on Mubi, it was on my hitlist last year at IFFR but I didn't see it. I was chuckling all the way through, it's a perfectly weighted film. So-Ri Moon (Handmaiden) is excellent, and so are the young lovers.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Maggie

    As if Lanthimos' weird-wave paradigm pushed to the extremes of: a) postmodern surfaces and obsession with artifce; b) the satire qua cartoon diminution of human substance, 'Maggie' is an index of wasted potential. The last scene of implosion shows the way but what precedes it is an inchoate pastiche of mediations of the human by the 'desert of the real' (the X-Ray) and by similar zoological pyrotechnics of elisions.

  • Jason's rating of the film Maggie

    I watched MAGGIE on Valentine's Day, which I hold to be a bit of felicity. The form of the picture is perhaps radical, certainly, having a good deal to do w/ the thread holding it all together being of the corrosive variety. We may formerly have felt our worlds to be held together only to belatedly arrive at the realization that this is not the case. And the earth, already a kind of impossibility, is sprung w/ traps.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Maggie

    Meandering, disappointing and in the end tedious debut from Yi Okseop. It starts off well but loses us with its unfocused scripting and so-called eccentric characters.

  • Korial's rating of the film Maggie

    The vacuity of its extravagance eloquently signals those symptoms of socio-cultural torpor that affects affluent classes in developed societies. You can consume thousands of this kind of movies without noticing, continuously in awe for the novelty of aesthetics, plot developments, and weird 'flavours' used to conceal the dullness and futility of their contents.

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