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Malcolm X

Réalisé par Spike Lee
États-Unis, 1992
Drame, Biographie


En 1946, Malcolm Little, déséquilibré tout autant par la mort de son père et l’internement de sa mère que par le racisme de la société américaine, sombre dans la petite délinquance. Arrêté à Boston, incarcéré, il découvre en prison les doctrines d’Elijah Muhammad, leader de «Nation of

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Malcolm X Réalisé par Spike Lee

Prix & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival

1993 | Lauréat : Best Actor (Denzel Washington)

Academy Awards

1993 | 2 nominations dont : Best Actor in a Leading Role

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  • Ethan's rating of the film Malcolm X

    This is a true American classic. Denzel Washington gives the performance of his career as this larger than life man who was a true hero to his people. This is an important film that should be required viewing in all history classes. Spike Lee crafts a brilliant epic that is up there with the greats and could possibly be his best film.

  • www.tinyurl.com/amethystos's rating of the film Malcolm X

    Tell Jesus to kiss my ass.https://mubi.com/lists/who-shot-ya-wild-style-krush-groove-breakin-on-beat-street

  • Den-Leroy Kangalee's rating of the film Malcolm X

    Purely for Denzel's performance! Spike Lee doesn't have the fervor or spirituality or integrity to have made a true "Malcolm X" movie...If he'd had the spiritual commitment of a Bresson - perhaps. Could you imagine? Bresson and Denzel? THAT would have been something. Or maybe if Spike had used the original screenplay by James Baldwin...

  • Tibulle85's rating of the film Malcolm X

    Un bon film, militant tout en demeurant nuancé: il expose bien la rage (légitime) qui pouvait habiter les afro-américains à cette époque, tout en ne cachant pas les dérives et errements de certains de leurs mouvements. Et malgré sa longueur, le film se suit agréablement, sans que l'ennui gagne (hormis peut-être la dernière partie, aux effets trop appuyés et qui tend à s'éterniser).

  • MGeo's rating of the film Malcolm X

    It is hard for biopics to rise above their reputation as Oscar bait and there are few which feel genuine and memorable (Ed Wood/Man on the Moon being examples); this is one of them. I wouldn't call it Spike Lee's masterpiece (see Do the Right Thing), but it is his second best film. Washington completely transforms into Malcolm X. Beautiful camerawork and storytelling make this an epic in every sense of the word.

  • Jimmi HRS's rating of the film Malcolm X

    Finally psyched myself up to sit through over three hours of one of Spike Lee's most renown films. Parts of the film were slow and a bit tedious but Lee's use of interesting camera angles and Denzel Washingtons stellar performance managed to keep it well paced and engrossing. This film isn't just a story of one man but rather the struggle of a race fighting for equal rights. I really believe everyone should watch it.

  • flamingo jones's rating of the film Malcolm X

    So incredibly sluggish for the two-thirds, which leads to Spike Lee cramming in Malcolm Little's conversion in prison, rise to leadership in the Nation of Islam, trip to Mecca, AND assassination into the last 45 minutes. The movie spends too much time focusing on Little's days as a petty criminal and fails to show us the moments that led him to becoming the African American icon that he is. I was quite disappointed.

  • Mark Desrosiers's rating of the film Malcolm X

    A more subtle and potent flick than you'd figure. Watch it as an epic about twentieth century black America (the well-armed, self-reliant bits especially), and you'll gain something. Think of it as a tragedy about organizational coherence, message control, and rigid separatism, and you'll want to watch it again. Pay attention to Malcolm's "strikingly upright" right forefinger throughout

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