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Ma saison préférée

Réalisé par André Téchiné
France, 1993


It is the story of a brother and a sister. A story which garners its force and meaning just when their mother starts losing her mind and her life. The brother and the sister are thus forced to confront what they’ve become, what they’ve done with their lives…for better or for worse.

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Ma saison préférée Réalisé par André Téchiné

Prix & Festivals

Les César du cinéma

1994 | 7 nominations dont : Best Film

Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

1996 | Lauréat : Best Foreign Language Film

Avis des critiques

A central clue to what Téchiné has in mind is the name Emilie; he’s clearly thinking of the Bronte sister who wrote Wuthering Heights – his fourth feature was The Bronte Sisters (1978). This doomed yet rapturous relationship between a brother and sister recalls Faulkner’sThe Sound and the Fury and Cassavetes’s Love Streams, but the style is that of Téchiné’s first mentor, Ingmar Bergman — the poet of torment who always views neurosis from the inside out.
June 07, 1996
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