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Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Réalisé par Lars von Trier
Danemark, Allemagne, 2013
Drame, LGBT+, Avant-garde


In the second part of this epic erotic tale, badly wounded Joe continues the narrative of her sexual life history, focusing on her years as a neglectful mother and her relationship to sadomasochism.

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Nymphomaniac: Volume II Réalisé par Lars von Trier

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2014 | Nominé : Best Supporting Actress

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2014 | 4 nominations dont : Audience Award

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2014 | Lauréat : Best Actress

2014 | 4 nominations dont : Best Supporting Actor

Extreme female masochism has long been a key ingredient in von Trier’s cinema. But while Nymph()maniac goes much further down this route even than 2009’s Antichrist (whose opening it directly quotes and whose self-mutilation it alludes to), it also shows far more genuine interest in getting inside its protagonist’s head.
June 05, 2015
Nymphomaniac isn’t much of a film, in terms of filmmaking. The disjointed editing seems lazy at worst, arbitrary at best, the plotting is often facile, the dialogue could’ve used a few more drafts; compared to, say, Antichrist – the opening sequence of which gets reprised here – it’s a much less beautiful movie. But this ragged, silly, very personal drama isn’t trying for beauty. What can you say about a film that leads with the line “I discovered my c*** as a two-year-old”? It’s a provocation.
June 03, 2014
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As damaging and near-traumatic repercussions pile up in response to Joe’s behavior, von Trier manages the dual achievement of simultaneously refusing to reprimand her for her perceived indiscretions and pledging to remain a watchful witness to their troubling side effects. The result is a film that looks not to individual forces as agents of social problems but rather to systemic injustices.
April 09, 2014
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