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Notes et avis

  1. Khares's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Dangerously naive yet joyfully refreshing. Problematic and optimistic. A tribute to common will.

  2. Maurizio Imbriale's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    King Vidor (The Crowd) realizza un film ambientato durante la grande depressione americana. Due sposi cercano di costruirsi una nuova vita trasferendosi dalla città in campagna. Qui si trasformano in agricoltori e cercano di costruire una società utopistica basata su una cooperativa di disoccupati che li aiuteranno nella loro impresa. Un'opera minore che raggiunge il suo climax nella travolgente sequenza finale.

  3. Leandro Gonçalves's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    The sense of communion, a sense of unity and compassion from all to all, its beautiful and for the times we are living today it brings hope. Everyone should see this film, it’s s full of the " american dream " but not in a lavish and dirty way, its totally the opposite. Its sorta of a cliche romance but in the end it ads to the story in a positive way. In this time of quarantine everyone should watch it.

  4. asbiswas's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    At preset, when question to existence is knocking on our doors, a film like this provides us strength to start afresh. I can’t thank more to Mubi team to allow us watching such a wonderful film.

  5. diogompinto's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    That final sequence sure is something

  6. mehmeet43's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    king vidor’un, buhran yıllarının etkileri de hissedilen klasiği our daily bread (1934), bir grup yoksul çiftçinin yoktan var olma hikayesini sosyalizm üzerinden olamasa da “dayanışmacı bir korporatizm” üzerinden anlatan şaşırtıcı bir kapitalizm eleştirisi.

  7. Mike Kwan's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    A portrait of a socialist commune utopia.

  8. jsbrocka's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Despite its obvious faults and missteps, there is an ardent hopefulness pervading this film that makes it resistant to the ravages of time. The final ditch-digging sequence is a finely composed celebration of the collective physical struggle of man against nature, which will have you cheering your heart out for them.

  9. Roberto Honorato's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    A simplicidade da direção e enredo acabam beneficiando o elemento humano, que é o verdadeiro motivo para esse filme ser o que é. A mensagem pode parecer brega, assim como as atuações mais caricatas, mas é feito de uma maneira que em momento algum você questiona se há qualquer traço de malícia por parte do diretor. ⁣Aí temos o terceiro ato, e é um primor de direção e montagem.

  10. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Hard not to see this as a kind of road map for a different political consciousness. The society put forward here feels most like Socialism and Capitalism but disavows both concepts for something more freeing like Collectivism. I'd argue that there's a slight problem in putting all your faith in one leader (something the film actually points out), but it's hard to deny the appeal of the concept. Finale is SPECTACULAR.

  11. Lucija Furac's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    3.5 Dovzhenko meets Gorky meets Heimatkunst meets the solutions proposed by utopian socialism meet, maybe paradoxically, the general American myth of freedom and prosperity. A Soviet woman would've never said of herself "it's my job" while patching her partner's socks though, which is something K. Morley does here.

  12. Ricardo Aranha's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    overtly politics thrown in are the most interesting aspect of this picture, which nevertheless lacks good characters and a reasonable plot

  13. Cherhine Saiah's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Un film plein d’espoir et de beauté. Une envie de vivre dans cette belle communauté.

  14. Yang's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    apart from some contrived and useless plot points, Vidor conjures a great sense of collectivism and momentary happiness, particularly in the final montage which carries a sense of energy and bliss that is entirely believable and infectious. 3.5

  15. Rafael Augusto Fachini's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    No contexto que nos encontramos, de isolamento e afastamento social, é bom ver um grupo errante em busca de novas possibilidades da organização da sociedade. Um olhar sobre a grande depressão estadunidense que beira o poético.

  16. Clove's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Earnest & charmingly pure collectivist exuberance. A sophisticated simplification. 3.75

  17. Bora's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Amerika'nın ortasındaki bir komün, küçük hayaller - büyük umutlar, iyi fotoğraflar.

  18. tubbssw's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    I am rating this on the basis that it is 85 years old. That it is still watchable is commendable considering many films of this age haven't lasted the test of time. Although the lead actor Tom Keene struggles a bit I've also taken into account that this is an early talkie. The screenplay is a little uneven but for me, the early scenes and the final Drought scenes are very good.

  19. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    (3.5) El héroe norteamericano triunfando incluso contra la naturaleza. Justo al final de la crac de la bolsa. Similar a Las Uvas de la Ira pero con menos dimensión y menos afugias. La forma en que se narra la pobreza norteamericana nunca llega al hambre extremo, o las catástrofes que sí vivió ese país. Las imágenes que los fotógrafos dejaron de esa época poco se parecen a esta comunidad próspera. Un final apoteósico.

  20. Renton47's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Interesting as a piece of pre-blacklist agitprop but not a wholly enticing piece of cinema. I am not predisposed to the more 'gee-swell' sentiments of early Hollywood, and though it could be attributed here to the utopian strain conveyed, it doesn't make it less grating. Scenes of communal harmony recalled unfavourably Di Sica's more honest account of co-mingling in Miracle in Milan.

  21. Dichterliebe's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

  22. Jason's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    So unambiguously a piece of New Deal boosterism as to constitute a PSA, OUR DAILY BREAD celebrates socialist collectivism as an avenue for the realization of American industriousness. We would expect Maxim Gorky himself to dig it. Partial though I may be to the hammer und sickle, I nevertheless borrow my motto from Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys: the nine pound hammer that killed John Henry ain't gonna kill me.

  23. Alex's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Some serious narrative shortcomings here. The only two people I cared about were Chris and Louie. Chris is chronically relegated to being the second fiddle and Louie is out of the picture from about the 2/3 mark. John and Sally could have run away together for all I cared.

  24. André Capuano's rating of the film Notre pain quotidien

    Um filme que pela beleza de algumas imagens consegue ultrapassar a alegoria e chega no poético. A estrutura esquemática do roteiro consegue ser flexionada pela fotografia. Uma curiosidade: o olhar sobre a mulher em 1934, que perdura até hoje. A possível queda do líder vem pela "tentação" de uma mulher, construída por roteiro e direção de maneira muito superficial. Aliás, olhar que perdura desde a invenção de Eva.