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Notes et avis

  1. CAP's rating of the film Nuestras Madres

    With modesty and sensitivity and without resorting to melodrama, Diaz evokes and reconstructs the horrors of the Guatemalan civil war without showing them and giving in to the easy temptation of flashbacks. Another beautiful discovery of Guatemalan cinema after Jayro Bustamante, of which Diaz has been editor. Seen online at FESCAAAL.

  2. Symera's rating of the film Nuestras Madres

  3. saitosouta's rating of the film Nuestras Madres

    Cannes #2019 No.8: There are many ruthless reality in Guatemara which breaks audiences' heart with an annihilating impact in "Nuestra madres". But dir. Diaz depicts its brutality through tender, delicate eyes like serene ripples, which brews transparently magnanimous atmosphere. We can't progress to the present unless we confront with the past. Tranquil exquisitude blooms beautifully. A great Guatemalan gem. 4.5