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Raging Bull

Réalisé par Martin Scorsese
États-Unis, 1980
Biographie, Drame, Sport


La vie de Jake La Motta, boxeur qui devint Champion du Monde en 1949, en battant Marcel Cerdan. Mais malgré cette situation enviable, il change et se montre jaloux et méfiant envers son entourage. Quand en 1954 il renonce à boxer, il entame une longue déchéance…

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Raging Bull Réalisé par Martin Scorsese

Prix & Festivals

Academy Awards

1981 | 2 prix remportés dont : Best Actor in a Leading Role

1981 | 6 nominations dont : Best Picture

National Board of Review

1980 | 3 prix remportés dont : Best Actor

BAFTA Awards

1982 | 2 prix remportés dont : Best Editing

1982 | 2 nominations dont : Best Actor

Directors Guild of America

1981 | Nominé : Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures

Avis des critiques

Despite all these forces striving for intimacy, Scorsese’s vision nevertheless explodes into a behemoth of a film, the ultimate boxing movie, which ironically has little interest in the sport of boxing… It’s like we are inside a stranger’s skull as it’s being beaten to a pulp, while at the same time we’re on the outside looking in, being handed an X-ray. The result is a strange form of empathy: we feel vulnerable (in other words, human).
September 30, 2014
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Scorsese is (with Godard) one of the rare directors to possess this sensual taste for filmic material, which overflows into an abstraction, and that leads to his experimentation with this black-and white and Super 8 film stock. This pseudo-amateurish footage troubles the film, and through these moments of family happiness, breaks the heterogeneous fabric of the film, like in a painting by Rauschenberg or an atonal composition.
March 01, 1981
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