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Romance X

Réalisé par Catherine Breillat
France, 1999


C’est con l’amour. C’est une question de pouvoir. Un mec qu’on aime vraiment assez pour être fidèle, il ne vous baise plus. Quand on les trompe, il vous baise, c’est simple. C’est pas qu’ils devinent qu’on les trompe, c’est qu’ils comprennent qu’on leur échappe.

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Romance Réalisé par Catherine Breillat

Avis des critiques

I must admit, I prefer those scenes in which Breillat ventures beyond the physical-figurative prison in which her hapless couples live out miserable existences—when she ventures, that is, into the crude energies of a world inhabited by people and color. In Romance, Marie journeys to the Basile, a late-night café bar on Rue de Grenelle—which Breillat frames in a noir-esque, post-downpour establishing shot that for half a moment recalls Hopper’s Nighthawks.
January 26, 2017
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Romance cleaves conflict, becoming a prison for women and men alike, an illusory state, which stifles sex and eventually destroys love. Within this scaffold, Breillat ruptures established ideas about female sexuality, allowing it to be something more complex than male fantasies – on which so much of mainstream cinema is built – allow.
September 14, 2016
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Assuming that both the body and the mind can profit from being challenged, and that the challenges of one don’t necessarily negate the challenges of the other, Romance offers a lot to think about and play with. We’d be fools to reject this bounty out of hand — unless we really are the middle-class cowards some reviewers assume we are.
November 12, 1999
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