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Secret défense

Réalisé par Jacques Rivette
France, 1998
Drame, Thriller


Alors qu’elle travaille tard au laboratoire, Sylvie surprend son jeune frère Paul, une arme à la main. Il lui explique qu’il vient de découvrir les vraies raisons de la mort de leur père. Celui-ci ne se serait pas suicidé comme on le prétend : son associé Walser l’aurait assassiné.

Secret défense Réalisé par Jacques Rivette

Avis des critiques

With suave and feline images by the cinematographer William Lubtchansky, Rivette offers a virtual documentary on modern bourgeois solitude: coffee and cigarettes, computers and telephones, brisk strolls and Métro rides take the place of high adventure… Paris takes on the character of Sylvie’s rueful meditations and unwelcome revelations, and the countryside, seen through Walser’s spattered windshield, silently resounds with the horror of stifled history.
February 03, 2014
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…The most beautiful scenes are perhaps the trips on the subway (one of which is filmed in real time) and train that allow Rivette to prove once again that he is the master of prolonging time… Rivette is not a filmmaker of time, he does not film “death at work,” but bodies and spaces that traffic in death and lead the spectator on a wandering journey that is both fascinating and enchanting.
April 01, 1998
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