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Réalisé par Michael Moore
États-Unis, 2007


A documentary comparing the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations, and HMO horror stories.

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Sicko Réalisé par Michael Moore

Prix & Festivals

Academy Awards

2008 | Nominé : Best Documentary, Features

New York Film Critics

2007 | Lauréat : Best Documentary

Avis des critiques

When [Moore] finally turns up in the flesh, there’s something even more rancid than usual about the way he plays dumb. We’re forced to arrive at one of two possible conclusions, each fairly alienating: either Moore is correct about the majority of his audience being a pack of numskulls, necessitating his Health Care 101 approach, or he’s wrong, which means we have to pretend to be dumb to play along with him.
June 29, 2007
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