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  1. Renato's rating of the film Soul

    Una bonita reflexión sobre disfrutar las pequeñas cosas que significa vivir. Además de una cosmovisión sobre lo que hay después de la muerte bastante diferente a lo que uno se espera en una película para niños. Una película con todos los elementos que caracterizan a una de Pixar, pero por su temática se siente bastante fresca. Hay que apreciar estar en el agua y no buscar el océano porque no se sabe si ya estamos ahí

  2. Jonathan Kelsall's rating of the film Soul

    Great animation and kid-friendly, at least to the point when they lie in bed within the darkness of their bedroom and have the first pangs of existential crisis on why they exist. At least it proves that even the greatest minds of the centuries don't necessarily have the answers. If you're looking for an exemplar of what it is to reflectively meditate on the purpose of life, then check out the masterpiece 'Ikiru'.

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  4. Timm's rating of the film Soul

    Strong beginning, weak second half. After a few weeks, I don't remember much. Good entertainment, not much more.

  5. Huma's rating of the film Soul

    no need to purpose; spark enough

  6. Maximilian Wollner's rating of the film Soul

    Der Film suggeriert die Wertschätzung der kleinen Dinge im Leben als Ausweg aus existentiellen Krisen, was jedoch vor dem Hintergrund einer ungleichen, unsolidarischen, amerikanischen Gesellschaft fast schon zynisch wirkt. Statt Aufzubegehren gegen ein System, dass einigen wenigen erlaubt ihrem Traum nachzugehen, gilt es seine Ansprüche zu reduzieren, den Status Quo lieben zu lernen.

  7. kingslayer's rating of the film Soul

    ablam sonda güzel konuşuyor

  8. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Soul

    Maybe Pete Docter's lightweight melodrama can still be unconvincing at times, maybe it is an expansion of the core ideas of Docter's previous Inside Out. But it also delves much deeper into abstraction and experimentation in both setting and animation, resulting in some of Pixar's most aew-inspiring images. That this movie was not granted a theatrical release is a tragedy in and of itself.

  9. Daniel's rating of the film Soul

    Meh. Wolfwalkers was the best animated feature. Not Soul.

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  13. Jon G. Edwards's rating of the film Soul

    One of the best Pixar movies in years. This emotion-driven animated film has so much soul it'll make you say the name of the movie twice. Highly recommend a watch, what a truly emotional experience.

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  15. André Bernardo's rating of the film Soul

    Living every second is you 'spark'.

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  18. Giorgis's rating of the film Soul

    #Philosophical #Adventure

  19. shashwatsisodiya5583's rating of the film Soul

    This is no better than some clever wannabe carnival shit. I mean it's quite good in places but the fact is that Pixar fans can label anything as a masterpiece and that's nothing short of problematic.

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  21. Alex's rating of the film Soul

    superb început! păcat de el

  22. Andy Cord's rating of the film Soul

    We follow Joe, voiced by Jamie Foxx, as he embarks on a journey to reunite his soul and body, a simple A to B plot point, but what we get in between is a heartwarming and compelling story about finding what exactly makes a life worth living. So, be prepared to end this movie reflecting on life itself, now that's some Pixar magic.

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