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Notes et avis

  1. Maurits Rozema's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    Fun whilst delivering something informative too. Those who claim this all is old news, that may be so, but education comes through repetition and dedication. This just might be the reminder anyone could do with. Therefor delivering it in a way that is pleasurable to watch, relatable and done in personal way is not a bad thing at all.

  2. ironbound's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    Excellent research experiment, very educating, although awfully edited.

  3. johmus's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    It makes sense to make this film and to prove a point about the crooked motivations of the food industry. But in order for the story to stick it would probably need a more hard-boiled narrator. Damon Gameau just keeps stirring the same soup and of course sugar is a killer but unfortunately this film is not. For a man dying to spend time with his pregnant girlfriend - Gameau's game is lacking in any kind of urgency.

  4. Linda's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    Of course he would be sick after eating that amount of sugar, but it still was interesting to see HOW sick a person can get after eating so called "healthy" processed foods for 60 days (and NOT "sugary" stuff like chocolate etc). I knew that before, yes. But many ppl live this way and should watch this doc. It is shot in a very entertaining way too!

  5. OFF_FRAME's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    An eye opening doco on the amount of hidden sugar in everything we eat. That Sugar Film has a great message that is undone by distracting visual gimmicks and a terrible and totally indulgent music video at the end. 3 stars.

  6. Törnrosa's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    eating obscene amounts of sugar is bad for you? i had no idea!

  7. Rafael Zen's rating of the film That Sugar Film

    Gameau has a good point of view, but this whole documentary is based on gimmicky facts and images. It has a statement, for sure, but I wish it was taken more seriously. An alarming blockbuster for the weight concerned average family.