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Mister Babadook

The Babadook

Réalisé par Jennifer Kent
Australie, 2014
Drame, Horreur, Thriller


A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her agitated son’s fear of a monster from a book named the The Babadook, that he believes is lurking in the house. She soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

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Mister Babadook Réalisé par Jennifer Kent

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Village Voice Film Poll

2014 | Lauréat : Best First Feature

2014 | 2 nominations dont : Best Actress

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2014 | Lauréat : Best First Feature

2014 | Nominé : Best Lead Actress

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

2014 | Lauréat : Best First Film

Whether it has enough narrative material to fill 95 minutes is debatable, but that’s never stopped up-and-comers before. Jennifer Kent clearly studied her vintage Polanski thrillers, not just for the claustrophobia, horror, and paranoid hallucinations, but for the morbid sense of humor. (It also can’t be a coincidence that the maternal heroine bares a striking resemblance to Mia Farrow, Rosemary herself).
October 29, 2017
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Wake in Fright may be the quintessential Australian film and some may argue that it is, in its own way, a horror film. The Babadook however, shifts perceptions and let us in on a version of the country rarely screened… A psychological mind bender that tackles the horrors of motherhood in the face of isolation and gendered expectations, The Babadook stands out as one of the best horror films of the past decade.
October 31, 2016
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The Babadook is a boldly difficult film to watch, as it connects one directly and inexorably to a mother’s sense of hopelessness and to her blossoming hatred of her son. It often feels as if director Jennifer Kent is on the verge of exposing something deeply taboo and unnerving about the ugly primordial emotions that parents must suppress in order to raise their children, and this is her greatest achievement.
April 08, 2015
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