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Règlement de comptes

The Big Heat

Réalisé par Fritz Lang
États-Unis, 1953
Thriller, Policier, Film noir


À la suite du suicide d’un collègue, le détective Dave Bannion prend conscience du degré de corruption qui règne dans sa hiérarchie et dans le monde politique.

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Règlement de comptes Réalisé par Fritz Lang

Prix & Festivals

National Film Preservation Board

2011 | Lauréat : National Film Registry

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

1954 | Lauréat : Best Motion Picture



Familiar as the plot may be, Lang renders it with lacerating fury, geometric precision, and a strong stomach: it’s the genuine tenderness of the domestic scenes that gives the more savage moments their sting.
August 24, 2016
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A less observant admirer of, say, Lang’s haunting and more outwardly visually extravagant M might find The Big Heat formally routine by comparison, direct and concerned mostly with plotting. But this directness is where Lang’s American formalism blooms. Much of The Big Heat is composed of close-ups of the faces of the primary characters, which alternate with rhythmic exactitude.
March 20, 2016
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Even when handed the most generic material, Lang could conjure a remarkable atmosphere from Hollywood sets, making their artifice feel like a distant dream. But The Big Heat was also one of the few times he was also handed an outstanding screenplay. And from it, he directed his American masterpiece and one of the greatest of all post-war noirs.
December 15, 2015
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