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The Big Lebowski

Réalisé par Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, 1998
Comédie, Drame, Thriller


Jeff Lebowski (The Dude), est un paresseux qui passe son temps à boire avec son pote Walter et à jouer au bowling. Un jour, deux malfrats le passent à tabac. Il semblerait qu’un certain J. Treehorn veuille récupérer une somme d’argent que lui doit la femme de Jeff. Mais Lebowski n’est pas marié.

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The Big Lebowski Réalisé par Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
It’s very funny, to be sure, but there’s something else going on here. For all its absurdist comedy, the film is defined by its melancholic, twilit atmosphere. Amid all the craziness, it’s a lament for the death of American idealism, at once one of the Coens’ wittiest and saddest films. It’s also a remarkably loose, alive work from two artists who have been known at times to go overboard with their precision.
February 05, 2016
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Soon after the Gulf War filled the airwaves with such Orwellian obscenities as “collateral damage,” the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, tuned into the martial mood and rummaged through political and personal history for the underpinnings of this Los Angeles caper, from 1998, sending up, with rueful astonishment, the American way of war.
October 12, 2015
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Dude, people love this movie—and with good reason. THE BIG LEBOWSKI is what so few modern comedies are: legitimately good. Between all the “dudes” and “fucks,” it’s easy to miss some of the underlying themes of the film; but beyond its oft-quoted dialogue and obsessive fan base, THE BIG LEBOWSKI is an LA noir for the modern age.
September 26, 2008
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