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Les banlieusards

The 'burbs

Réalisé par Joe Dante
États-Unis, 1989
Comédie, Mystère, Thriller


This story takes place in a typical American neighborhood, when some new neighbors come to live in the house next to Ray Peterson. These new people are really strange; nobody has ever seen them, their house is a real mess, and during the night you can hear weird noises from their basement.

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Les banlieusards Réalisé par Joe Dante

Avis des critiques

Dante’s screw-loose take onRear Window finds the director, as ever, emulating the spring-coiled anarchy of a Road Runner cartoon while he affectionately skewers American conformity. Few other directors are as resourceful in putting familiar tropes to unexpected uses, or as committed to the art of the throwaway gag.
August 10, 2016
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By building all three seemingly contradictory attitudes into this movie, Dante and screenwriter Dana Olsen aren’t abdicating their moral responsibility. It might be more accurate to say that they’re honoring the pluralistic and democratic possibilities of their story, and doing so in such a way that the viewer doesn’t have to adopt any one of these three attitudes exclusively.
February 24, 1989
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